Grand Style and Grand Central: East 42nd Street

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Some of the most important and magnificent buildings in Manhattan were constructed by and for a handful of the richest, most powerful men of their times between Fifth Avenue and the East River on the famed 42nd Street. Built in the grand manner of the Beaux-Arts, or with the sleek stylishness of Art Deco, or using the strong lines and forms of the International Style, all are here within walking distance.  This tour will start at the magnificent New York Public Library, where you can admire its sculpted white marble façade and magnificent interior spaces, and continue to see the splendor of Grand Central Terminal, and the Art Deco elegance of the Chrysler and Chanin Buildings.  We will end the tour with a view of the United Nations from the hidden parks of Tudor City.

This tour starts at the New York Public Library and then moves east along 42nd Street to visit Grand Central Terminal (known as Grand Central Station), the Chrysler Building, and The News Building (where you can see the globe from Clark Kent’s “The Daily Planet”). The tour will conclude at the United Nations Plaza.

Our East 42nd Street tour is also available in book form as the first volume in our Walk with Us series.  Walk with Us: East 42nd Street by Richard Holland and Emma Guest-Consales is available here.

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